Inner Mongolia Baotou Steel Rare Earth Magnetic Material Co., Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary company of Inner Mongolia Baotou Steel Rare-earth (Group) Hi-Tech Co., Ltd, with registered capital of RMB176 million. Construction includes a production line of 15000-ton NdFeB strip cast alloy annually and a production line of 2000-ton NdFeB magnets per annum . The company has following strengths.
  Resource advantages : Inner Mongolia Baotou Steel Rare-Earth HI-TECH CO.,LTD has huge Rare Earth resources in the world , an a production line of 8000-ton neodymium (Pr-Nd) of rare earth metals ,which is the key raw material of NdFeB magnets. They form a raw material base for the project;
  Technological advantages : Baotou Research Institute Of Rare Earths ,a subsidiary company of Baotou Steel Rare earth started research and development Nd-Fe-B product since 1980s, and built the first domestic pilot production line of Nd-Fe-B magnets in 1987.The research center achieved a world record 52.2MGOe in 1990.In 2003 the Institute had accomplished the project of National Development and Reform Commission, "a 300 tons annual output of high-performance Nd-Fe-B magnets industrialization demonstration projects", which turned industrialization of high performance NdFeB magnets in China into a reality.
  Comprehensive Strengths : Inner Mongolia Baotou Steel Rare Earth Magnetic Material Co., Ltd has a solid team on scientific research ,development and production ,covering the fields of rare earth separation, metal preparation, research on functional materials and analysis & test of rare earths, a national class analysis & test center and the largest rare earth research institution on rare earths in China, which supply the reliable basic guarantee for the construction of project;
  Product direction: The Company aims at production of high performance , high consistency and high stability NdFeB magnets for high-end applications of wind power and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Besides, magnetic products of the company being researched and produced will also be widely used in various motors, electro-acoustic field and instruments, The products have excellent performance and different specifications. Moreover , the Company can design and produce products of special shapes or specifications according to customers 's requirements.
  Inner Mongolia Baotou Steel Rare earth magnetic materials Co., Ltd. established a modern enterprise management system; the new plant has advanced technology, advanced equipments products are of high quality and marketing model is of leading level. We will supply all our customers the best quality and most comprehensive after-sales service.
  Project will be constructed in a collaboration way . we hope to work together with other friends for improvement of the Chinese NdFeB industry!

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